From 0 to 2 in 2019

Me: I’m not doing any marathons in 2019

Also me: Gets into Big Sur via lottery so signs up for Disney Marathon as prep


Seriously.  I did it again.  Facepalm.


My husband asked if we could sign up for the Big Sur lottery because he really wanted to run it next year as part of his 50th birthday celebration.  The guy asks for almost nothing ever so I of course agreed knowing that we may or may not get in.  But we did.  And then I figured I should prepare since Big Sur is HILLY.  And has a 6 hour time limit.

So I need to do what I’ve never really done before and that’s stick to a training plan, and train on hills.  I’ve run hilly halfs before (looking at you Oak Barrel and Flying Pig) but those were halfs and I just kind of gritted my teeth and brut forced the hills.

I know I can do this, I just need to keep myself accountable.  And not make excuses why I can’t train.

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